Genuine original best leather shoes

Genuine leather is one type of leather. Somehow, it’s considered to be the lowest quality leather type, and there are lots of products that can be produced from this type of leather, such as the best shoes made from this type; the original is another name for this type, so genuine leather is also known as the original. Humans have produced a variety of leather shoes for so many years. As time goes forward, With the progression of technology, we managed to make some more types of leather to use in producing leather goods.

Kenneth Cole, Clarks, Vans, Converse, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, by Hudson, Colombia, New Balance, under armor, Bogs, and Vibram are good examples of famous brands that provide leather shoes in the market. It is highly recommended to buy leather goods from a well-known brand so you can be sure of quality and guarantee.

There are many types of leather-based on their name, such as oxford shoes, monk straps, derby shoes, brogue, college shoes, loafer, Chelsea shoes, ankle boots, chukka boots, sports shoes, sandals, formal pump, women’s high heels, there are also a lot of expensive stores to shop from.

I will inform you about the type of leather, the price and market, and online shopping in this essay.

genuine leather shoes

genuine leather is the type of semi-synthetic semi-natural leather with low quality. However, still, it has enough quality to produce leather goods from it, and many manufacturers use this type of leather for their products, such as leather shoes and all kinds of other goods made from genuine leather.

Let’s flashback to the history of leather. Tanning is one of the oldest of mankind. Homosapience used to hunt for a living, and the hide of animals has been used for clothing and shelter. Ancient Greek 1200 B.C have known for their usage of leather for clothing as well; later on, the production of leather has spread because the leather goods were so popular for pharaohs in Egypt gradually, the usage of leather became popular in other countries such as Roma, and soldiers used it as a shield in battle. Today the market for leather productions has been inspired by past and modern and contemporaneous designers still learning from the history of leather. It covers a wide range from boots to pilot goggles that is reminiscent of the nightmare of World War 2.

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Natural leather is produced from animals’ hide. The most popular and common leather in the fashion world is made from cow skin. It covers 65% of leather goods and the second table is sheep’s hide. It is the most commonly used after cow skin. Sheep leather consists of untouched and intact fur, and it is easily covered by the fabric. It is mostly used to make sandals and carpets.

After cows and sheep, a small percentage of leather usage is from animals like goats, buffalo, and even crocodiles, snakes, and ostrich. In addition, the leather made from camel skins is available; however, it’s not as popular as others, but the leather made from camel skin is sturdy and more durable than cow leather. It is ten times more fibrous than cow as well, so it is so resistant to cracks and laceration.

Generally, leather will be divided into natural and artificial based on the way it has produced.

Knowing some details about leather will help you out during the shopping; even little knowledge would come in handy. Let’s get back on track genuine is one type of leather that is used for producing leather shoes it cannot beat top and full-grain based on the quality but still is very high grade and useable.

leather shoes original

as mentioned above, leather shoes can produce from various types of leather, such as genuine, top-grain, full-grain natural, or synthetic for all the tastes, and genuine leather(original) is the type of leather that can be used to make a variety of leather goods lots of manufacturers got their hand on this type to bring the high-quality products in the market to expand their market share. However, genuine has the lowest quality compared to the top and full-grain leather, and somewhat genuine is considered as even the real leather, but also it has its own customers all around the globe. But if you intend to buy original leather shoes, you should consider that you have to learn a little about leather by searching or reading articles, but it’s a good idea to visit a famous store to touch the real leather, so whenever you go for shopping you won’t be confused and absent-minded in case if you happened to visit a store running by unscrupulous vender you won’t be ditched and coaxed.

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best leather shoes

not always the goods come at high and expensive price is the best option, you can find lots of best leather shoes at a reasonable price during a shopping all you need to is to have some research both physically or on the net to have info about all kind of leather shoes and specification and don’t forget knowledge is everything.

There are some selling festivals during some seasons, and all the wholesalers and retailers gather around to sell their products in a wide range. It is an excellent opportunity for buyers to satisfy their desire at a lower price.

genuine leather shoes online shopping

another suitable way of buying is shopping online. Also, it is a good way of buying genuine leather shoes; some people, particularly uneducated or older adults, may find it so hard to shop online because they would rather choose the old-fashioned way of buying. However, it is more convenient to buy in person because it is the best way to build trust for those who have trust issues; in case you wind up in the store with an unscrupulous salesperson, it would be easier to recognize it.

But if you intend to shop online, don’t forget to buy from a reputable store, and you can check if the site is valid and trustworthy; go to the commenting part to review some comments that have been left there by other customers there might have some good information about the store.


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good leather shoes

have you ever imagined what the definition of goodness is when it comes to leather shoes? Have you ever wondered what good quality leather is?

It was said before about brands and so much information and specifications of leather shoes. We named brands and types of leather-based on their tanning process, but the most important thing is how you might feel when wearing the shoe made of leather is it fitting your feet or not! So, if you intend to buy a good leather shoe, it’s a good idea to visit some shoe leather store to figure out what any types of leather are and how it feels like when you wearing it because there are lots of brands out there with a variant of leather goods also designers make lots of effort to quench all the possible desires in the market. You should Check the possibilities out.

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Are leather shoes expensive

Are the leather shoes really expensive? So many years ago, during the cold, terrifying, freezing winter, our ancestors had to hunt wild animals such as rabbits, deer, bears, etc., to keep their families fed. The skin of these animals was also essential for surviving during the cold. Hence, it was inevitable to learn how to hunt, let alone the tanning skills out of animals’ skin to make leather to cover feet and body. Still, I don’t want to tell the fairy tales of yesterday’s stories so let’s get back to the present today. Thanks to technology, everything has been prepared for us, such as fancy leather shoes for the wide range of circumstances you want to protect your body from the cold. Maybe you are invited to a particular party by your employer or love of your life. Hence, leather is the answer. Do you still think it is too expensive?

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expensive leather shoes

as mentioned above, there are lots of famous and reputable brands with diverse leather shoes come at a high price in the market, and their price is above average incomes and expensive, so not everyone can stop by the entrance of these brands to purchase leather shoes but don’t be disappointed if you work hard enough to upgrade your social stance, you will be able to shop form these stores I’m about to write blew

One house of Testoni                   twelve Martin Dingman

second Louis Vuitton                     thirteen New and Lingwood Russian Calf

third Aubercy diamond-studded           fourteen Barker Black Ostrich Cap Toe

forth Bostonian                       fifth teen Berluti Rapieces Reprises

Five Salvatore Ferragamo

Six Johnston and murphy

seventh Stefano Bemer shoes

Eight shoes Berluti handmade

Nine John Lobb

ten Edward green

eleven Tanino Crisci

These brands are the most expensive in the market, and some of their goods reach $2000 per, shoes so not everyone can afford to shop from them

how to tell good leather shoes

if you have already gone to the leather store, you have noticed there is a variety of leather goods, and sometimes it is challenging to tell which one is natural or synthetic. Hence, I write about how to tell the natural leather from synthetic.

If Natural leather is refined though it is still a natural material, it’s breathable and supple. It will be more flexible as time goes forward, but synthetic leather is the exact opposite. It will be more tough and rigid through time because plastic doesn’t have elasticity.

Synthetics are man-made, so it has a variety of colors, and they are available in a wide range of colors synthetic require less care than natural.

It doesn’t make a difference if you are talking about coat bags or any kind of leather accessories. Natural leather always comes at a high price compared to synthetic, not because it is made from animal skins but because it requires more craftsmanship and techniques to be made.

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One of the biggest and most obvious signs of synthetic is its texture; natural and artificial are not the same.

Although the smell of leather is a subjective matter, many people have no interest in synthetics smell. They would rather smell natural leather instead of synthetic.

are leather shoes cruel

so many people think the leather industry is against the animal rights, and environmentalists have a demonstration every year to tell the world to stop slaughtering animals because they believe it is cruel and humans don’t own the environment, and we should protect it to balance humans’ future, and this is the main reason vegan leather has invented to satisfy both market and animal right activator’s, vegan leather is made based on the plant so they won’t be any harm upon other creatures and it can be also

a good opponent versus real leather; however, it doesn’t have the same quality and feels.

Supermarket life is getting long, and the destruction of the environment is disproportionately high, so we should have some consideration of being more kind to our world from my point of view.

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leather shoes that last forever

leather is good evidence and proof of human genius and ingenuity. Undoubtedly, it has played the perfect role in today’s civilization development. It has been 7000 years since our civilization has used leather to make clothes and other consumer goods. Suppose natural leather is original and made from a famous brand. In that case, it will last enough to use, so the durability of leather is based on the way it has been produced and the type of leather that the manufacturer has chosen.


Leather has an indefinite life, and if it is natural and original, it becomes more attractive and will last long enough to use as time goes by. Still, it would be best to take care of it under exceptional circumstances, and it won’t be out of fashion.

Leather makes you stylish so that you won’t regret buying leather accessories.


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