Leather shoes wholesale manufacturers

Basically, Leather shoes wholesale is the skin of animals that has undergone healing and beautification processes. nowadays  shoe wholesale suppliers pay a lot of attention to the leather shoes . The skin is fresh, moist, soft and supple, but after a while it will rot and if it loses its moisture, it will become hard and brittle. Leather shoes factory are very huge because it has a lot of equipment .

Leather shoes wholesale manufacturers

best quality Leather shoes features

best quality Leather shoes features  we are confronted with a set of specific properties, applications and shapes of this natural material. In general, it is a genuine leather shoes that is obtained from tanning the raw skin of animals, especially cows. Natural material becomes stable, durable and flexible for various applications, leather and its combination with wood formed the basis of ancient technology, leather industry and fur industry are different, raw skins and skins in the manufacture of adhesives And gelatin are also used, from combining animal skins with different materials such as white alum, poplar bark, pine, oak, hazelnut, rubber, sumac and other chemicals, a flexible material called leather is obtained, so leather is made of leather Raw animals are produced and their production is influenced by a wide range of different factors, however, understanding the meaning and concept of leather and having a comprehensive definition of this material, requires a historical study and methods of making it, the term natural leather to prepare And polishing the skins of animals such as cows, sheep, goats, and more. The process of making leather is a chemical method called “tanning” It is used to stabilize non-perishable animal skin by microorganisms (microscopic organisms that contain bacteria and fungi).

Leather shoes at wholesale price

Leather shoes at wholesale price   doing tanning on the skin will cause this skin, even if it loses its moisture, its softness and tenderness will not be lost, and by re-absorbing the moisture, it will not stink and will not rot, the leather in two ways (Traditional) and machine (industrial) is tanned, if you compare the original and high quality hand-tanned leather with the machine-tanned leather, you will see that the leather is due to the long processing time and the use of mash and flour. Barley in its tanning has a much higher quality than machine leather. Therefore, tanning is a chemical process in which the protein layer consisting of meat and fat and perishables hidden under the skin undergoes fundamental changes and disappears. With the loss of the protein layer, raw skin is obtained that is still ready to become leather. No, raw skin is desalinated at the beginning of the tanning process and all hairs are removed before being soaked in water for 6 to 48 hours.

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